Rethink your indoor cycling strategy

Make your Fan Smart


The Maelstrom controller allows you to use your existing fan while indoor cycling and adjust your fan speed automatically for either your power, speed, or heart rate using your existing ANT+ cycling sensor

  • ANT+ power, speed, speed/cadence, and heart rate monitor compatible

  • Works with most household fans

  • Automatically starts and stops the fan.

  • Simple setup

This is way better than the fan alone. It responds to what I’m doing for the right amount of cooling
— Steve


What plug styles are available

Research is ongoing into regulations for electrical appliances in different parts of the world. The hardware’s current design and prototypes work with 100 / 120 / 220-240v AC systems at 50/60hz . However, countries have a variety of plugs and certifying laboratories. The team has experience with FCC / IC filings and through the use of pre-certified modules can avoid most certification problems for wireless. Regulatory approval for the safety design aspect is the most complicated aspect now. Suggestions of IEC (computer style) removable cable helps simplify aspects of the design on one side, but the equivalent for the plug side is uncommon.

Do you ship x location?

Right now the original plan is to design to North American plug standards. While the hardware will initially be compatible with other jurisdictions, regulatory requirements for sales for UK / EU / Japan / Australia have not been finalized


The response to product concept and prototype has been very positive. It looks like the response has been sufficient to move ahead. The target would be before indoor training time for 2019. This will be updated accordingly.

Can it support multiple fans simultaneously?

While this is has been tested to work, it won’t be recommended practice. The reason has to do with differences in fan responses. There is some adjustment for various fans for the point at which they will start. When a fan has insufficient magnetic field strength to spin they may heat up quicker. This is part of the safety design work that is on going.

Will my fan work?

The simple (but unfortunately vague) answer is that if it has a “chunky” rotational that has multiple settings, multiple hard button on the base, or other switching mechanisms that are directly tied to the AC it will have a “shaded pole” motor and therefore work. If you have a smarter fan with digital controls, an existing remote control, or wifi / zigbee integration this product will likely not work or not be recommended. These smarter products either operate in a similar way as this inline device (AC Triac control of a shaded pole motor) or use a very different approach with bushed or brushless DC motor.


Updates and Background


Update 3

A little bit of an update on how the fan controller situation is going—AGAIN!!!!. Check out the video or Titanlab


Update 2

A little bit of an update on how the fan controller situation is going. Check out the video or Titanlab


The beginning

A video that goes into what this project is and then nerds out on how it actually works